Construction and the Environment

As a company we are doing whatever we can to minimise this impact, and we constantly review our processes to work in a smarter and more environmentally-friendly way.

While construction is in progress, we have people on-site whose responsibility it is to ensure that there is minimal environmental damage, disruption or nuisance on or adjoining the site. We understand the implications of noise, air, water and waste pollution, and adopt appropriate working practices. 

We use recyclable materials in our formwork wherever possible and all our timber is from sustainable sources. 

In the interests of good public relations, we always make our company information well available on site hoarding/ notice boards for local residents to contact regarding works, and give them a contact on-site who can deal with queries.

Our aims:

  • Recycle and Reduce Waste as much as possible
  • Improve efficiency by implementing Best Practice
  • Improve communication and awareness by using latest technology
  • Improve sustainability through design and specification
  • Use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible
  • Minimise impact on Environment by increasing awareness of wildlife, plants and habitats.

Environmental Policy

P. Colohan & Co Ltd aims to conduct its business in a manner, which, as far as practicable, will minimise adverse effects on the environment.  We maintain an awareness of all legislation, regulations and codes of practice on environmental matters and takes all reasonable actions to ensure compliance.

During construction, P. Colohan & Co will take reasonable precautions against environmental damage, disruption or nuisance on or adjoining its sites. Furthermore we will at all times endeavour to keep our sites clean and tidy, and to avoid pollution of the air, ground or water by noise, fumes, dust, discharges or the disposal of construction materials.

P. Colohan & Co will, wherever viable and consistent with its clients’ needs and expectations, use materials and products from sustainable sources and that are re-usable or can be re-cycled.  Management initiatives play a major role in environmental progress and change.