We always use the most up to date formwork systems and ensure that all of our workforce have the relevant training, health and safety cards and make sure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget for our clients.

We have built up a great reputation with many clients who use us over and over again. We have great links with companies providing precast elements in which we can combine both precast with in-situ elements on site. This can provide a quicker build and also a higher quality finished product with increased design flexibility on certain elements.

Many of our clients approach us at tender stage and ask for our opinions on certain methods of construction and see if we can think of any cheaper or better options which could speed up the construction period or save money for them in the long run. This can sometimes mean certain products are substituted for an alternative product which does the same job at a cheaper cost to the contractor.

When working on all of our projects, Health and Safety plays a huge part and we have many techniques to ensure that all the workforce, other trades, general public and anyone else who may be affected by our works is in a safe environment. We have different types of edge protection which can be designed to meet the needs of the project depending on the location and the way the site is situated.

We are able to carry out Concrete Frame packages up to 10 million pounds and have successfully completed many projects of this size. 

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